LITTLE DEAD BERTHA – Angel&Pain (live Metal Awakening tour 2020)

Metal Awakening tour 2020 (LITTLE DEAD BERTHA+MAGNETIC STORM), see you in Krasnodar !!!

A little bit sea and sky for everyone in quarantine


        LITTLE DEAD BERTHA – one of the oldest and most  distinguished Russian metal bands, was founded in 1994. 

        The band has recorded six studio albums and a DVD, as well as play hundreds of concerts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, participation in large open-air festivals, joint tours with Russians and Europeans groups.

        Today’s music LDB – a combination of symphonic arrangements, alternating female operatic vocals and growling, and the high density of guitar sound with undeniable national color. Musicians describe their style as a mix of melodic death, black and symphonic gothic metal. 

        High quality studio works in conjunction with hurricane stage show makes the band one of the leaders of russian extreme scenes.

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        LITTLE DEAD BERTHA was formed in In Voronezh in 1994. After two unreleased demos in thrash-metal style, the band was expanded by taken second guitar and violin. This led to a change in the band’s style to doom metal.

       The result was debut album “In Memorium Premortis”, recorded in 1997, and the ensuing album “Two Sides” (1999). Both releases were issued on the MC by russian label Hobgoblin rec. and sold in large numbers of copies in the whole territory of Russia and CIS. 

       After the release of “Two Sides” within the group has occurred changes. It was decided to change the name to short BERTHA and slightly change the sound.                 Under this name in 2003 was realized the album “Light & Shadows”, designed in the spirit of gothic metal. 

       After its release group returns a the name LITTLE DEAD BERTHA and begins work on new material. In 2004 “Two Sides” was reissued by the label Stygian Crypt prod. A year later on the same label was released the new album “Way Of Blind”. 

       This album is the end of the Gothic themes and a return to the roots from even more severe and high-speed sound. Now the music is LDB a fast and symphonic mix of melodic death, melodic black and gothic metal with heavy guitar sound and powerful male/female vocals. 

       After the release of the album “Way Of Blind”, the band is actively touring in support of it, playing a few dozen shows a year. In March 2009 the band celebrated its 15th birthday with an anniversary concert in hometown Voronezh, which was filmed and released in DVD format in late 2009. In November 2010 the label MSR prod. released the fifth album “Angel & Pain”.

      The band conducts several tours across Russia and Ukraine supporting this album. In 2016 the band had first show in Europe on METALDAYS festival (Slovenia) In 2018 new album was released on the russian label Sound Age prod. and the band playing at the EXIT festival (Serbia). 

      In 2020 recording of a new album began.



“In Memorium Premortis “ (MC, Hobgoblin) 1998

“Two Sides” (MC, Hobgoblin) 2000

“Light And Shadows” (CD, Valiant Music) 2003

“Way Of Blind” (CD, Stygian Crypt Productions) 2005

“Dance…In Darkness” (EP, MSR Productions) 2007

«Dead Years Of…live» (DVD, MSR Production) 2009

«Angel & Pain» (CD, MSR Production) 2010 

«Age Of Silence» (CD, Sound Age) 2018